Epiphone Valve Junior 1 x 8 Combo, Jensen AlNiCo P8R, Hammond OT | Single Ended, EL84, 5-Watt


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Here's a super nice and clean Epiphone Valve Junior 1 x 8 Combo that has been tastefully upgraded with top quality components - A Jensen P8R AlNiCO 8" Speaker and an oversized hammond 15w output transformer (125ESE).  This thing sounds fantastic with single coils / P90s, and great with the right PAF type humbucker - (full disclosure) unfortunately higher output humbuckers get very muddy/flubby/farty and just don't do the trick.  It definitely favors single coils.

All modifications were professionally completed.  No changes were made to the circuit.  The cabinet shows virtually zero signs of wear and it is clear this amp has been babied since "Day 1".
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