SG '50s Style Upgrade Wiring Kit | CTS 550K, Orange Drop 716P 400V, Switchcraft Right Angle Toggle & Jack

Buhr Electronics

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Here is a great way to upgrade your SG or SG style guitar with high quality components in one easy drop-in harness.  

This kit includes:

  • 4 x CTS 550K Custom Audio Taper Short Shaft Potentiometers w/ Brass Bushing & Shaft
  • 2 x CDE Orange Drop 716P Series 400V Polypropylene Capacitors - Choose from .022 µF, .033 µF, and .047 µF
  • Switchcraft Right Angle 3-Way Toggle w/ Deep Collar Coarse Knurl Nut
  • Switchcraft #11 Mono Output Jack
  • Choice of Black, White, Cream, or Amber switch tips.  Also available without a switch tip.  

Simply drop this harness in to your guitar and connect the pickup leads, the appropriate grounds and you're in business!

All Potentiometers are matched to have a 2% +/- Tolerance.

These CTS pots have a 24-Spline Fine Knurl Pattern and require 3/8" mounting holes.  Most import guitars will need mounting holes enlarged and should receive proper US Spec 24-Spline knobs as well.