Switchcraft Pre-Wired Standard Frame 3-Way Toggle Switch for Les Paul Style Guitar w/ Tip Color Options

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This Switchcraft 3-Way Standard Frame Toggle Switch is pre-wired with vintage correct braided outer shield pushback wiring.  Switchcraft toggle switches and jacks have been the gold standard in guitar wiring.  These Pre-Wired Standard Frame Switches are a great vintage-style replacement for your Gibson Les Paul guitar with 4-Conductor telephone wire.

This toggle switch is also the WILL NOT fit many Gibson Les Paul Studio, Tribute, and Faded Models.  Please see my Pre-Wired Short Frame Toggles for proper fitment.

The pickup leads are marked by color coded heat shrink tubing.

  • Yellow - Neck Volume Potentiometer
  • Red - Bridge Volume Potentiometer
  • none - Jack

Do not forget a fresh Switchcraft #11 Jack if you think you need one and Deep Thread Nuts are also available if needed to facilitate mounting to an instrument with a thicker top.