CTS 550K Custom 20% Audio Taper | Matched Pair


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Matched Pair with 2% Tolerance - No more than 10k spread between the lowest value vs the highest value potentiometer.


  • Size - Refers to the length of the threaded bushing.  Long Shaft have a 3/4 (.75) inch bushing and is most commonly used is thicker carved top guitars such as the Gibson Les Paul.  Short Shaft have a 3/8 (.375) inch bushing length and are commonly used in very early GIbson Les Pauls, Gibson Historic Reissue Les Pauls, any many import guitars.
  • Tolerance - Refers to the measured DC Resitance on the potentiometer.  A "Hot" set will measure at 565-600k and above while a Standard set will measure at from 500-564k.  Note:  It is very rare that these potentiometers measure below 520k or above 580.

These come complete with:

  • 2 x Nuts
  • 1 x Lock/Star Wash
  • 1 x Dress Washer

These are NOT the same CTS pots that many companies stock and sell. These are developed using 9% +/- tolerances and a value at 10% over the standard 500K rating (550K). This ensures you not only optimum performance but guarantees your potentiometers will always be at least the value stated unlike many others using 20% tolerances where you can be over spec but in most cases way under the specifications you need to ensure good tone from your pickups.  Brass components and a high quality wiper were added versus what comes standard on most run of the mill pots to ensure long life, quality and consistent performance. 

These potentiometers have a 20% Audio Taper which is suitable for both Volume and Tone positions.